What's Going on Here?

Like many photographers I have an Instagram feed (@jonasyip). My feed is a place for casual iPhone shots from day-to-day wandering, full of random experiments or quick visual thoughts. Sometimes there's good stuff, and I've selected some of those images to make available as smaller prints. There are pictures in all sorts of styles and all sorts of subjects... so there's no obvious way to organize the images, and very little attempt to do so.

What Sort of Prints are These?

The Instagram prints are available in two sheet sizes, 6x6 on 8.5x11 and 4x4 on 5x7, priced at $60 and $35 respectively.

Why So Cheap?

The Instagram Prints are culled from my Instagram feed, which is all casual, daily shooting/reporting/capturing, and I wanted to make them available at a reasonable cost. These prints are open edition, and smaller than my usual exhibition prints. Also, it's generally not work that I'd otherwise be pulling into a series for my "fine art" portfolios. Though I would certainly exhibit them in group shows and such (and have done so).

Why So Expensive?

Each print is custom printed from the original image file with archival inks on heavy fine art watercolor paper, then inspected and approved before being sleeved individually. That is, they are just like my gallery and museum exhibition prints, just smaller. These are not machine printed prints of the compressed uploaded Instagram file that you might find from a printing service.

What Else?

There's a section with Books and an Art Fair section which has miscellaneous loose prints, so prices and sizes vary according to what is in stock at the moment.

Is That All There Is?

That's all there is, so just keep dancing.

What About Shipping?

Oh yeah, $4 flat rate + $1 per item in the US, $12 flat rate + $1 per item internationally.

What If I Have More Questions?

There's an email link at the bottom of the page, or:

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