Open Show LA / Photo L.A. 2019 Submissions

Michael Miner

Mara Zaslove

J.J. L’Heureux

Jamie Johnson / Irish Travellers Series

Sarah Hadley / Lost Venice

(Sarah is also showing her series Story Lines at Photo LA with Burning Bridges)

J. Fredric May

I see two images in the space - ideally one above the other.

Michael Rababy

Charles Fretzin

Hi Jonas,

These photos are a small part of over 100 images that were shot in Chicago around 1960. Displaying my prints at the show would help me get a book publisher.

Best, Charles.

Rohina Hoffman

I have chosen one piece from my series Hair Stories which will be accompanied with title, text, and QR code (that can be scanned with any smart phone) and links to audio excerpt of interview with Angie sharing her hair story.

Zoe Aparicio

Nathalie Seaver

Visualize a moment of inspiration: The instant magic of inspiration. The spark and trust of artistic intuition.

Capturing these components visually and deconstructing them, is the heart of this series.

My aim is to deconstruct an image with a feminine building block, a dot instead of a square pixel and isolate the mysterious path of energy which creates the flow of inspiration.

In this series, each dot is a piece of the same image, cut out by hand. Each dot is then applied by hand, one by one and becomes a momentary map of visual inspiration.

The final image, when completed, is about capturing the magic millisecond of artistic intuition, the essence of inspiration, which makes a work of art.

Cathy Immordino

Karchi Perlmann

Hi Jonas & Richard, a quick note about my submissions... Please note that there are 2 large pieces I am submitting that are meant to be standalone, each on their own, due to limited wall space available at the show. I am also submitting three smaller pieces (framed in white shadowbox frames) that are all from the same body of work and are meant to be shown together. The smaller pieces are from a brand new work and have never been shown before. Thanks Karchi

Ross Sonnenberg

My life has been defined by chaos. 24 years ago I was getting ready to start film school, and embark on a career in the film industry. That dream came to a crashing halt when I became ill with a debilitating disease, It took over eight months for the doctors to figure out what I had. It turned out to be Systemic Lupus. I had to undergo chemotherapy to stop my immune system from killing me, and I had to say goodbye to my dream of film-making.

For the Big Bang Series I become fascinated with photograms, reading all I could on the topic. I discovered artists like Adam Fuss, Susan Derges, and especially Marco Breuer. Each artist’s work was completely unique, yet they were all using a similar process. Around the same time, I’d also become intrigued by the photos taken via the Hubble telescope. wondering if it was possible to create my own galaxies through the photogram process. While experimenting with different fireworks as my light source. I used color sources from things as mundane as a child’s windmills or a colored solo cup, and I used sand or water to create texture. The images I made, with some direction from me, were at the whim of the light source. real solar systems. Like those created by the first Big Bang millions of years ago.

Lupus turned my life into chaos, changing the direction forever. My art has allowed me to give expression to that chaos.

Jonas Yip

Either two from “Thirty Three + A Third” or two from “Traces”

Richard Chow

Distant Memories series - Art work installation will be arranged in a grid, similar to previous exhibits.

Optionally a couple of large pieces on the URBANSCAPE series can be selected.