Somewhere Between

Take a peek inside Somewhere Between, published in October 2017 by National Taiwan University Press. This fully bilingual book, presented in English and Chinese, collects all the photograph/poetry collaborations between Jonas Yip and noted scholar and poet Wai-lim Yip. This volume includes the series Paris: Dialoguere:place, and Somewhere Between, along with the poetry inspired and written in response to those photographs. This is just a small selection of the pages. The book is 350 pages, with 80+ color and black and white images. Take a peek:

Somewhere Between: Toward the Middle Space Between Images and Words by Jonas Yip and Wai-lim Yip
350 pp. 80+ color and b+w images. Presented in English and Chinese.
First Edition published 2017 by National Taiwan University Press.
ISBN 13: 9789863502531 / ISBN 10: 9863502537